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ProGen Study Groups

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ProGen Study Groups

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ProGen Study Groups Are . . .

ProGen is a self-study program, enhanced by peer review, of assignments based on chapters from Professional Genealogy:  Preparation, Practice & Standards, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills. ProGen Study Groups are organized to support both professional and aspiring genealogists who want to build upon their existing research methods and skills, as well as gain an understanding of business practices, ethics, and opportunities in the field of genealogy.

Key Elements of the ProGen Study Program...

  • Quality textbooks (Professional Genealogy & Genealogy Standards) written by experts in the field.
  • Monthly assignments crafted to maximize learning.
  • Written peer feedback.
  • Live monthly video chats discussing specific topics and assignments.
  • Guidance from a Certified Genealogist® or an Accredited Genealogist®.
  • 12-month study program for research and writing topics with an optional 3-months afterward which focuses on the business and marketing aspects.

Is ProGen Right for Me?

  • You want to become a professional genealogist researching for others.
  • You already research professionally and want to learn more about managing your business or presenting your written work.
  • Improving your research skills is important to you.
  • You are considering becoming certified or accredited. See more details HERE.
  • You want to take  your research skills to the next level.

Am I Ready for ProGen?

  • You have practiced genealogy research for several years.
  • You have successfully participated and completed courses such as the Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research, the NGS American Genealogical Studies Course, or intermediate level courses at institutes such as GRIP, IGHR or SLIG.
  • You demonstrate strong research skills in your daily work.

What ProGen Alumni Are Saying…