Please review the "Program Description" page and the following information if you are interested in applying.

    2024 Program Timeline UPDATED 8/2/23!

    Due to registration dates for other educational opportunities, the timeline for the 2024 ProGen Practicum has been updated as follows:

    • Apply July 15, 2024 - September 15, 2024.
    • Applications will be reviewed September - October.
    • Students will be notified in November.
    • Info Session Registration. If you haven’t registered for the Monday, August 7th Information Session at 7 pm ET, do so here:
    • Apply. If interested, apply immediately after the Monday, August 7th Information Session.
    • Full Application. A full application is necessary to be considered. This includes:
      • Completion of the application shown below on this webpage.
      • Your ProGen mentor’s and coordinator’s recommendation. This is solicited by us, not you.
      • If you were in a ProGen group before ProGen 40, then please provide us with the names and email addresses of two genealogists who are familiar with your work. This can be placed in the last text box in the application form.
      • While not mandatory, it is helpful if your ProGen Directory listing is complete. If you haven’t completed this, please consider doing so. If you have it completed and would like to update it, also do that. Instructions for doing this can be downloaded HERE.
      • Once you are offered admission to the Practicum, immediate payment is required to confirm your spot.
    • Acceptance. After the Information Session and full applications are complete, students will be accepted on a rolling basis dependent upon completed applications.


    1. Successful completion and graduation from ProGen Study Groups.
    2. Your ProGen mentor’s and coordinator's recommendations for this program.
    3. A thorough review of the Program Description page on the website to ensure you are aware of the scope and requirements of the program.
    4. Identification of the material you will use in the Practicum (more information below).

    Application Process

    • Complete the application.
    • The application and submitted work product will be reviewed.
    • Applicants who are determined as not yet ready for the program will be notified and asked to apply again later.
    • Selected students will be offered a spot in the next group (the number of students is limited so even those who qualify may not be able to join a group at this time).
    • Acceptance will be finalized when the student pays for the program.

    Please complete and submit the application form below if you are ready to begin this process to apply for the ProGen Study Group Practicum.

    ProGen Study Group Practicum Application Form

    Contact Information

    *First Name

    *Last Name




    *Zip/Postal Code


    *Phone Number

    *Preferred Email Address

    Past Participation

    *Have you previously participated in a ProGen Group?
    Successful completion of the ProGen Study Groups program is a requirement for applying to the Practicum. Please return to the ProGen Practicum
    application and apply once you have completed ProGen

    Which ProGen group number and your mentor’s and coordinator's names?

    *Have you participated in a GenProof Group?
    Which GenProof group number and the mentor’s name?

    Genealogical Experience

    Please answer the following questions about your genealogical experience:

    *What was your favorite ProGen assignment and why? (500 characters left)

    *What was your least favorite ProGen assignment and why? (500 characters left)

    *What do you consider your genealogical strengths? (500 characters left)

    *What do you consider your opportunities for growth in genealogy? (500 characters left)

    *Why are you interested in the ProGen Practicum? (500 characters left)

    *Are you currently “on the clock?” If yes, provide the date you went on the clock.
    *What is your target date to submit your portfolio to BCG?

    When do you plan on going on the clock? *

    Genealogical Education

    *Please indicate any courses, institutes, study groups, or other programs you have completed, and their dates of completion. Be specific: Do not just say "GRIP 2022" but supply the title of the course.
    (500 characters left)

    *Are you enrolled in any current or future educational programs? If yes, describe in detail including the dates of the commitment.
    Details: (500 characters left)

    *Do you plan on enrolling in any education programs in the next year? Please list each one by its title, the targeted date, and a brief description of it and the time commitment.
    Details: (500 characters left)

    Genealogical Activity

    *Are you currently taking genealogy clients?
    Please describe further including information such as how long you have taken clients, about how many clients you have helped, the nature of the work (i.e., geography, time frame, and more)
    (500 characters left)

    *Describe any other genealogical commitments you may have that are either paid or volunteer.
    (0 characters left)

    Program Commitments

    *Will you commit to a minimum of 50 hours per month for assignments and peer review?

    *Barring any emergency situations, will you commit to complete ALL assignments and peer review and to do so ON TIME to the best of your ability to qualify for graduation?

    *Will you commit to working with your peers in a polite and professional manner regardless of personality differences?

    *Do you understand that missing assignments, acting in an unprofessional manner, not completing peer review, and/or not attending or engaging in monthly calls may result in dismissal from the program?

    *Do you understand that, like ProGen, you must use a current version of Microsoft Word (supporting .docx), Zoom, Basecamp, and have reliable Internet service?

    *Do you understand that payment for the program must be made in full prior to the program via PayPal?

    Work Product & Identification of Research Material to be Used

    The program moves quickly, and thus there is not time for new research. The following research material must be identified ahead of the program start date. You may, and likely should, use the same material that you wrote for ProGen. Describe the following work product that you will use in the program:

    1. *A proof argument (compare to BCG’s Case Study). Describe briefly:
      1. The research question.
      2. The nature of the research.
      3. How it was solved.
      4. If this material was the same that you used in ProGen or not.

      (500 characters left)

    2. *A family narrative (compare to BCG’s Kinship Determination Project). Describe briefly:
      1. The nature of the research.
      2. If this material was the same that you used in ProGen or not.

      (500 characters left)

    3. *Document Work. What geographic region (U.S. state or states, or a country) and time period do you want your doc work to be based on? (500 characters left)

    A part of the application process is a review of your work product. Please submit your ProGen proof argument here. If you have a better example of your work, you may submit it in its place, however a proof argument is highly recommended. Limit ten (10) pages total, file must be an Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word format file. Please name your file as follows: “LASTNAME FirstName Type.” E.g., “DOE Jane Proof Argument.pdf”

    Your application form submission here grants ProGen the right to include you on its email list to inform you of upcoming open registration periods as well as email communication thereafter unless you request to be removed from the email list.