ProGen Directory Update

Welcome to the ProGen Member Directory!
  • Any information you include in this directory will be public.
  • Use the ‘Overview’ field to introduce and describe yourself.
  • Click the “CLICK HERE TO UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION” button at the bottom when you are done. The updated form will hold on the screen for about five seconds, then return you to your directory screen for review.
  • For pointers on advanced text formatting options please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Want to make your ProGen directory areas look great?  Here are some quick HTML formatting examples that you can easily type into the boxes on the ProGen Member update screen:

  • Bold text:  <b>Your Text Here</b>
  • Italicize text:  <i>Your Text Here</i>
  • Underline text:  <u>Your Text Here</u>
  • Center text:  <div align=”center”>Your Text Here</div>
  • Color text: <font color=”red”>Your Text Here</font>   (most common color names are acceptable)
  • Create a numbered list:
    <ol style=”list-style:decimal”>
    <li>Your List Item #1</li>
    <li>Your List Item #2</li>
  • Create a bulleted list:
    <ul style=”list-style:disc”>
    <li>Your List Item #1</li>
    <li>Your List Item #2</li>