Aleta Utterback, CP

ProGen Member Overview

When I began my journey as a genealogist I had no idea it would lead to a lifetime addiction to the hunt, the research and putting the pieces together to find the stories and histories of my (and others) ancestors. Exploring my grandmother’s bible was the catalyst to that journey. Tracking down her own grandfather’s family bible years later locked away in a filing cabinet of a small town historical museum was pure elation.

Finding the stories of my maternal second great grandmother emigrating “to Amerika” from Norway twenty years before her granddaughter; or another second great grandparents’ story of legal separation in 1896 to divorce in 1906 available for all to read in the San Francisco newspapers, keeps the journey fresh. These stories waiting to be found are the source of the addiction; they keep the hunt new, and free those ancestral stories to be shared with others


NALA Certified Paralegal - 2016 - present
Bachelors Degree - Legal Studies - 2016
Associates Degree - Paralegal Studies - 2015
American Genealogy Study Series - Certificate, 2020
SLIG - Intermediate Foundations - Certificate, 2020
Certification Study Group - 2021
SLIG - Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum - Certificate, 2021
SLIG - Advanced Genealogical Methods - Certificate 2022
ProGen 52 - Certificate, 2022
GRIP - Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy - Certificate 2022


A genealogy addict since the age of 15, I have been researching family history ever since. I have experience with paid and pro bono work and am working towards certification with BCG. I am also working on phase one of accreditation with The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPgen).

Please contact me by email prior to any phone communication.

Publications & BLOGs

You can see an example of my work on this website under Research Reports; as well as a Locality Guide on Roane County, Tennessee. I am currently working on a Locality Guide for my home state - Alaska.