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ProGen Member Overview

This is a great place for a paragraph or two about yourself. It could include your background, interests, expertise, how you began your genealogy journey and more! Talk yourself up here and don't be shy. Show your personality too!

Things you could include:
* A brief family story
* Your genealogy interests
* What work you do for clients or family


You may include your genealogy education experiences here. Things to consider including:
* Institutes - SLIG, IGHR, GRIP and others
* Study Groups (duh! ProGen!)
* Boston University courses
* National conferences

You also may include your academic education here if you like. It can include your institution(s), degrees, areas of study.


Focus on your genealogy experience here. Tell us what you specialize in and why. Does where you live matter to your work? Describe that. Have you done client work? Explain it. Have you taught at local, regional or national meetings? Yahoo and celebrate that here. You could even include testimonials or reviews from those sessions.

You may also briefly describe non-genealogy work experience if you think other genealogists and potential clients may find it helpful.

Publications & BLOGs

Your list of publications will appear here. We suggest a citation style format and if possible, a link to the article.