Cynthia A Barber

ProGen Member Overview

Retired IT Manager who has been researching since 1980, long before the internet. I specialize in lineage reports for surname projects and writing family history books for non-genealogists. I am most interested in pre-1900 research and using DNA to provide evidence of early familial relationships. I love teaching classes and workshops to educate the next generation of researchers. Instead of doing client research, I consult with clients to help them with their own research.


40 plus years of experience in dusty old courthouses, archives, museums, and attics. I am a voracious reader and good with software and computer-based research. IGHR Attendee.


My first exposure to Genealogy was for a client. I started on my own family after completing hers to Europe. I love land records, probate, and the courts.

I work with Y-DNA and Autosomal DNA. DNA Painter is my preferred 3rd party tool.

I am an American - all my families were in the US pre-revolution.

Adult Education Classes taught include DNA by Dummies I and II, Advanced Genealogy Techniques, Stories! and I cohosted a Genealogy Forum class for 8 weeks. I also teach Microsft Publisher.

Publications & BLOGs

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