Cindy Brenner, MD

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My background is in Internal Medicine and I have worked in primary care and in hospital medicine. After a thirty-two year career, I retired from the full time practice of medicine in 2015, since then I've followed my heart's desire of traveling, photography, writing, and family history. Internal Medicine and Genealogy share solving mysteries by researching the subject, analyzing the data, and making a sound judgement call. I am the happiest when all five of my passions collide.


Boston University Certificate of Research, OL31
ProGen 51
SLIG: "The Immigration Saga with John Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA" (2020), "From Sea to Shining Sea: Researching Our Ancestors' Migrations in America" (2021)


*I've worked extensively in the Austrian and Czech Republic archives researching my partner's family history which resulted in a dual citizenship application to Spain for Sephardi heritage.
*Volunteer genealogist for the Stephen Watts Kearney DAR chapter.
*Volunteer lecturer for the Santa Fe County Genealogical Society.

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