Connie L. Davis

ProGen Member Overview

Connie Davis is a nurse and founder of a non-profit that promotes person-centered care who combines her love of genealogy with her clinical experience by helping people discover their family history and incorporate what they learn into their personal story. Connie has a special interest in genetic genealogy, communication skills for genealogists, and supporting people who may learn unsettling information during their research.
Connie enjoys working collaboratively to support people to advance their own skills and works with clients researching in the US and Canada.


*ProGen 46
*Eastern Mennonite University: Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience I and II (2020, 2021)
*National Genealogy Society Quarterly Study Group (2020-present)
*The Academy DNA Skills Workshop (2020)
*Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh: Advanced Genetic Genealogy (2019) and Women and *Children First: Research Methods for the Hidden Half of the Family (2020)
*Midwest African-American Genealogy Institute, Intermediate Genealogy: Pre- and Post- Slavery Era Research (2020)
*Institute for Genetic Genealogy (2017, 2018)
*Certificate in Genealogy and Family History, University of Washington (1999)


Connie's main focus is genetic genealogy combined with solid documentary research. Connie's experience includes research throughout the southern US, with a special interest in westward migration, particularly to the Gold Rush. She has worked with clients to discover unknown parents, grandparents and their ancestors.