Dana Goolsby Jones

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Professional Genealogist | Researcher | Lecturer | Blogger


Certificate, Genealogical Research, Boston University
Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Vanderbilt University

  • Association of Professional Genealogists Professional Management Conference 2021
  • Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research 2021: Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis
  • Genealogical Institute on Federal Records 2021
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh 2021: Tackling Tough Research Problems
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh 2021: Get Your Hands Dirty! A Workshop in Land and Property Records
  • Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2020: Intermediate Research Methods


Researching the people and stories of my family and the families of others has been a passion of mine for more than 14 years.

In my own family research, I have discovered Revolutionary War Patriots, Civil War soldiers, Huguenots expelled from France, a founder of Bruton Church in Colonial Williamsburg, early Dutch immigrants to New Amsterdam, and 18th-century German immigrants. I also have discovered that a great-grand uncle of mine was violently murdered by his ex-wife, whose sensational murder trial splashed across headlines in two states. Oh, and did I mention that my grandmother was a teenager when it happened and never told my dad about it?

Of course, it hasn’t all been so salacious. I’ve also discovered odd names (Sourbeer, anyone?), a great-grandfather who ran for school board (and lost), and my grandparents’ marriage license with my grandfather’s signature on it. With each discovery, I uncover a little bit more about who I am and where I came from.

I can't wait to help you discover the stories of your family!

Geographic Specialties:  Jackson Purchase | Middle and East Tennessee | Southwestern Virginia