Danielle Disher

ProGen Member Overview

Inspired by my Italian grandmother, I began my genealogy as a hobby when I was eighteen years old. My great-uncle, an experienced genealogist of sixty years, further encouraged my hobby and led me to a journey of exploration on my maternal lines, stretching back to Colonial America. A friend and fellow genealogist was the first person to lead me down the path to becoming a professional genealogist only five years ago. I have self-educated myself in many topics and have led several sessions in my local genealogy club - such as Immigration Records, Italian Research, DNA in Genealogical Research, and Out-of-the-Box Research Techniques. I hold my certificate for Boston University's Genealogical Research program and through further education, I hope to learn more about turning my passion into a career path in the future.


I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Design & Technology with a concentration in Stage Management from Purchase College in 2010. I took this direction in my career for several years after graduating. However, my continuing education for genealogy includes Boston University's Certificate in Genealogical Research, earned in 2019, so far, and I am beginning in the first Irish Records course from the Applied Genealogy Institute this fall. I also participated in Jill Morelli's Certification Discussion Group in the beginning of 2020.


My experience outside of the genealogy education realm is bring an occasional speaker for the local Genealogy Club, founded by a professional genealogist who is an alum of the ProGen program, and volunteering my genealogy services to friends and acquaintances who have hit brick walls in their own research. I have put together personalized reports and trees for said acquaintances. I have been using these projects to build my experience and confidence before offering exclusively paid services to clients. I have had several paying test clients, focusing on research primarily in the New England area and some areas abroad, including Syria and Italy.