Debbie Parker Wayne, CG®

ProGen Member Overview

Debbie is experienced using DNA analysis and traditional techniques for family history research.


She is the DNA Project Chair for the Texas State Genealogical Society and the Early Texans DNA Project ( She is a coadmin of the Vick DNA Project of the Joseph Vick Family Of America ( Her publications include a column on using DNA analysis for genealogical research in NGS Magazine and in the Stirpes journal of Texas. Debbie was the course coordinator for the first beginner and intermediate DNA courses offered at four major US genealogy institutes.

Publications & BLOGs

Debbie edited the book and authored one chapter of Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies; coauthored the award-winning DNA workbook, Genetic Genealogy in Practice; and developed the online, self-paced course Continuing Genealogical Studies: Autosomal DNA, offered by National Genealogical Society (NGS).

Her blog at primarily covers genetic genealogy, laws affecting family history (historical laws and current legislation), Texas history and records, and technological topics with a slant toward the professional and advanced researcher.