Jane Neff Rollins

ProGen Member Overview

Jane Neff Rollins, owner of Sherlock Combs Genealogy in Montrose, California, provides speaking, research, writing, and Russian-to-English translation services. A local, national and international speaker since 2012, Jane focuses on clients with ancestors from the former Russian Empire, although many of her clients have deep roots in U.S. history.


*ProGen 29 alumna
*4-time Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and 2-time attendee of Forensic Genealogy Institute
*12-time attendee of International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
*Master of Science in Public Health (Epidemiology)


I hung out my shingle in 2012. I work with clients of diverse backgrounds (from those with deep US roots in Virginia and Kentucky to 20th century immigrants), with many having ancestors from the former Russian Empire. I also translate 19th century handwritten Russian-language documents.

Publications & BLOGs

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*Jane Neff Rollins, “Labor Union Documents: Genealogically Relevant Sources,” FGS Forum (Spring 2019, Vol. 31: No. 1): 1-7.
*Jane Neff Rollins, “Generations: Find Out How the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-19 Affected Your Pennsylvania Ancestors,” Pennsylvania Legacies (Spring 2019, Vol. 19: No. 1):34-35.
*Jane Neff Rollins, “The Spanish Flu Outbreak in 1918-19 and How it Affected Your Ancestors,” Crossroads (Summer 2018, Vol. 13: No. 3): 6-21.