Jessica Bird

ProGen Member Overview

Researching since 1993.
I've got twenty years of Oil & Gas experience, thus my best areas are Oil and Gas leases, property descriptions, Chain of Title, mapping, and data analytics.


National Institute for Genealogical Studies - Student working on the American Studies Certification as well as Librarianship Certification.
Intermediate Level Certificates in: Methodology, DNA, and American Records.
MSU Denver 2020 Division Order Analyst and Lease and Title Analyst
University of Houston SQL Basics


4 generation Louisianian, and 70% of my personal research is in Northern Louisiana. I'm also very familiar with researching in Arkansas and Texas. I have extensive research skills and experience with Oil and Gas leases and regulatory documentation in all fifty states. It is amazing what information you can find in oil and gas files regarding leases, orders, and hearings that pertains to land owners, heirs, chain of title, etc.. State field and regulatory orders can be great sources of information to paint a picture of an area during a specific time and place as well.
I also have extensive experience with data analytics via Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL. I facilitate and write technical documents, how-to videos, presentations, graphs, flow charts, and the like.
I'm big on staticstics, timelines, templates, data organization and discipline.

Research specialties, records, and repositories not listed: land records specific to minerals management, leasing, state minerals regulatory sites, Louisiana significant weather events (hurricanes and such that cause relocations, data disruptions, etc.); state tax record repositories and online sources for all US states; GIS mapping and sourcing (locating appropriate map overlays for projects to accurately map and depict); template design for effective research and electronic data assimilation/storage/etc. as well as electronic data discipline and organization.