Kerri Tannenbaum

ProGen Member Overview

Kerri Tannenbaum holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University awarded in August 2018 [OL 27] and completed ProGen 43 in June 2019. She began doing client work in September 2018 under the business name Family Dot Connector Genealogical Services. Kerri served as a coordinator for ProGen 55.


Kerri holds a undergraduate degree from Pace University, majoring in marketing and advertising, as well as a graduate degree from New York Institute of Technology, majoring in communications.


Kerri's earlier 25-year career in marketing and media provides a great background in marketing, market research, program management and client service. This experience creates a nice foundation for her genealogy business.

Publications & BLOGs

Kerri is a regular contributor and proofreader for the Irish Family History Forum newsletter, an award-winning newsletter recognized by the National Genealogical Society.