Linda McCracken

ProGen Member Overview

I love to connect people to their ancestors!

After finding my biological grandfather through a combination of genetic and documentary evidence, I decided to verify the rest of my lines. It wasn’t long before I discovered that of my eight great-grandparents, only three of them were properly identified. So, I found them too. I learned a lot through those early days of trial and error when direct-to-consumer DNA was in its infancy.

Since then I have used these skills to help others find their families, particularly adoptees and people with unknown or unverified parentage. I can help you too.

I thrive on solving challenging cases. When many say it can’t be done, I say, “Bring it on!”

I tenaciously research and thoroughly analyze and interpret evidence. Then, I organize it into reports and charts that are detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand. My clients can feel confident knowing that my genealogical conclusions are corroborated with DNA and comply with the Genealogical Proof Standards.

My passion for this work fuels my continuing education efforts so I stay current with new developments and techniques in this rapidly-growing field. In the meantime, I am completing my bachelor's degree and preparing to apply for my CG credential with the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

I am grateful to so many who have helped me gain this expertise. I enjoy paying their kindness forward by helping other family history enthusiasts learn how to use genetic evidence in their research through classes, presentations, and webinars. The genealogical community truly is a reciprocal network of friends.

When I’m not triangulating segments, sorting cousins into clusters, or correlating centiMorgans with relationships, I serve as an administrator for several DNA surname projects and volunteer for our local women’s organization at church. When I have a moment to spare I like to hike, garden, and enable the local hummingbirds.

So, what can I do for you? How can I help you discover your “KinXions.”


Brigham Young University - Idaho
Bachelor of Science - Emphasis in Family History Research (to be completed)

Brigham Young University - Idaho
Family History Certificate

Brigham Young University - Idaho
Advanced Family History Certificate (to be completed)