Mary Kircher Roddy, CG

ProGen Member Overview

I have been a professional genealogist since 2010, primarily lecturing and doing genealogy coaching. I speak at national conferences and to societies across the US.


Bachelor of Science, Liberal Studies, University of Caifornia Riverside, 1982
Master in Professional Accounting, University of Texas, 1984
Certificate in Genealogy and Family History, University of Washington, 2005

Institute courses:

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy: Intermediate Genealogy, Advanced Genealogical Methods, Advanced Evidence Practicum, Gothic Script and Fraktur, Virtual DNA Practicum, Meeting Standards Using DNA Evidence, Writing and Documenting for Peer Review

Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh: Mastering Genealogical Documentation, Irish Genealogical Research Part II, Get Your Hands Dirty, Law School for Genealogists


My favorite part of teaching is to watch the lightbulb come on when someone learns something in one of my presentations.

Publications & BLOGs

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