Reem O. Awad-Rashmawi, JD

ProGen Member Overview

Reem Awad-Rashmawi is an immigration attorney, genealogist, and community historian. Researching her family for over 30 years, Reem began by focusing on oral history and photographs. She then branched out to document research and DNA analysis. In 2019, Reem opened “Photographs and Memories by Reem”, taking clients for genealogy consulting, research, and oral history interviews. Reem is currently working on an oral history project related to Arab Americans in Northern California. She also gives presentations on genealogy and oral history related topics at societies and conferences across the US.


Reem has Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Relations and Sociology and a law degree (JD), focusing on international law. Reem completed Boston University’s Certificate Program in Genealogical Research in 2019, UC Berkeley Oral History Center’s Summer Institute in 2020 and ProGen 49 in 2021. Reem attended numerous genealogy institutes, including the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Academy for Professionals, SLIG Virtual Institute, Genealogical and Research Institute of Pittsburgh, and Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research. She has also attended presentations, webinars and conferences on genealogy and oral history related topics.

Reem is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogy Society, Oral History Association, and several regional and local genealogy organizations.