Sara E. Campbell

ProGen Member Overview

Sara has been researching historical records in Massachusetts and New York for over 30 years. She began educating others in computer methods of research in 1992. She shares her techniques through single classes, and in-depth multi-class courses. She began blogging in 2009, and formalized some of her family research recently in a self-published book.


Sara is a Civil Engineer, and brings that background to research of maps and land records.


Sara speaks regularly about a variety of genealogical topics at regional conferences, and local libraries and genealogical societies in New England. She has taught multi-session non-credit courses at three Massachusetts colleges.
She was the Erving Elementary School "Historian in Residence" in 2017 and enjoys bringing local history alive to school children. She is a member of the Erving Historical Commission.
She formerly edited the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists' monthly newsletter, Past Times, and has twice garnered second place in their writing competition for the journal, MASSOG.

Publications & BLOGs

"Six Generations in Otsego - a Colman Family History," 2018.
"Boyhood Memories of the Old Erving Schoolhouse #3," editor, 2017.
"To Indian Territory and Back Again - The Family of Erving's Reverend Simon L. Hobbs," MASSOG publication 2021 pending.
"Trouble in a River City - The Richard Wall Family of Holyoke and Chicopee, Massachusetts," MASSOG Vol. 43, No. 1, 2020.
"The Millers Falls Moores - Speculators or Settlers in the Birth of an Industrial Village in Western Massachusetts," MASSOG Vol. 41, No. 3, 2017.