Theodore Georgas

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I have extensive knowledge of family history research in Illinois and Pennsylvania. All of my maternal grandparents have deep roots in both states. In Illinois I am extremely familiar with Cook and DuPage County history and records. In Pennsylvania my areas of expertise include Bucks, Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties.

With my father being 100% Greek I learned how to conduct research in Greek documents. I have studied and interpreted several Greek history books into English and used these documents as a basis for my knowledge of the background of my Greek ancestors.

I am experienced at creating research plans, reports, family histories, narratives and proof documents as well as DNA & genetic genealogy.

Association for Professional Genealogists
DuPage County Genealogical Society
Greek Ancestry
Illinois State Genealogical Society
National Genealogical Society
Seattle Genealogical Society
Sons of the American Revolution 
Utah Genealogical Association


In 2020 I completed the Certificate in Genealogical Research program at Boston University. In 2022 I completed three major institute programs, SLIG, GRIP and IHGR.

My formal training and background is in Civil and Structural Engineering. I have a BS degree from the University of Illinois and spent 37 years working in the engineering field until retiring a few years ago. I am a licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and a licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois. My engineering background has taught me to have a good eye for details. Quality was always stressed in my work, however near the end of my engineering career, I was formally given the job of Quality Control Manager for my branch of the company.


I have been doing family history for the last 30 years, ever since my grandmother passed away and I found a file in her basement where she had started to create a family tree. I was immediately hooked and loved going to archives and libraries to sift through books, maps, and microfilm. As the internet became more prevalent in genealogy, I studied the treasures now available online and use them daily in my research. I have developed a deep love of history and searching for meaningful stories from the past.

I have successfully prepared and submitted lineage society applications to the Sons of The American Revolution, Chicago Genealogical Society (CGS) Pioneer Ancestor Certificate and Illinois State Genealogical Society Prairie Pioneer Certificate. The reviewer for the CGS told me “I looked at your submission. SUPERB! I wish that all the submission[s] which come to us would be as well done as yours is!”

In Greece, my emphasis has been of the Peloponnese, and I have worked with documents dating back to the early 16th century. I created a family tree web site for my Greek ancestral village. Participated in the 1st Greek Ancestry’s Village History Projects Initiative Virtual Gathering, May 2021.

I was even fortunate enough to write and publish a local history book about a small village in Greece that flourished out of my love for genealogy. A reviewer of the book said "Great book written about a small village and region in the mountains of Greece. Really enjoyed how the author wove local history and family history together. Some of the stories about the region during WWII were incredible.” Another endorsement of my book was by the Pangrati Kalavryton Association, “Valuable and fascinating story of the small village of Pangrati in the mountains of southern Greece. The reader can vicariously walk through the village during times of oppression and war, in both happy and sad times. Incredibly well researched using sources in numerous languages. This book will be especially meaningful to English language readers who desire to learn about this small but important village.  As the local Association of this village, it is important to keep our history and heritage alive especially for the future generations.  Bravo, Theodore Georgas for collecting and documenting the history of not only the village but the region and its traditions!”

Publications & BLOGs

The History of Pangrati Kalavryta, Peloponnese, Greece: Παγκράτι, Καλάβρυτα, Πελοπόννησος, Ελλάδα, Author and Publisher: Theodore P. Georgas (December 20, 2019), ISBN-10 :‎ 0578610329, ISBN-13: ‎978-0578610320