Tina Post, BA, MPA

ProGen Member Overview

My interest in genealogy began as a youngster. I began my family research in 1998 by interviewing older relatives and visiting the nearby National Archives facility, Albany County Hall of Records and Family History Center reviewing microfilm and my grandparents' original Naturalization Papers.

My husband's family has deep roots in the U.S. where his ancestors were contemporaries of Pieter Styvesant and Roger Williams. I researched his lineage to his successful acceptance into the Sons of the American Revolution society. The Boston University Genealogy Research program in 2017 refined my skills.

I conduct research online at a variety of sources including popular and lesser known websites. Often a visit to a town hall, historical society, library, archive or other repository results in the handling of 18th and 19th century deeds, probate and vital records. Where vital records never existed, burned in a fire or were lost, I make every effort to answer a client's question. I provide a complete written report of findings.

I review client's trees, consult on brickwalls, pull probate, deeds, vital records at town, city and county offices, aid in lineage applications and lecture.


I am a graduate of the 2017 Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research, have completed the National Genealogical Society’s (NGS):
- Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestors;
- War of 1812 Records;
- Transcribing, Extracting, and Abstracting Documents; and
- Reading Old Handwriting.
I completed Lisa Louise Cooke’s "Google Earth for Genealogists," and other genealogical organizations’ online webinars. For four years I have attended the NGS Family History Conference, four years the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society’s New York State Family History Conference; the 2021 New England Regional Genealogical Conference and co-chaired the 2021 Capital District Genealogical Society’s 60th Anniversary Virtual Conference.


On some days I volunteer as a genealogist at the New York State Library, and am often at the New York State Archives. I was a Capital District Genealogical Society Program Co-Chair (2019-2021) and their 40th Anniversary Virtual Conference Co-Chair. I also lecture. My presentations include:
"Patching Families Together Through Land Records"
"Who's the Miss Who Became Mrs? Finding the Women Who Married Your Male Ancestors"

Publications & BLOGs

“Peter Hopper Post, A Cane, A Letter and a War,” published February 2016 in the Genealogical Society of Bergen County, New Jersey’s "The Archivist."